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my_awards's Journal

The Icon Maker's Awards Community
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Welcome to my_awards! This is an icon awards community just like any other, with one catch. In this community, icon makers nominate for themselves! This is a weekly awards community, where one nominates icons that they are proud of. The object of the community is to bring together many icon makers and to honor your own and others' work, and to hopefully bring recognition to some great artists out there!

Icon makers may join and nominate their work, and anyone is welcome to vote!
Your moderators are _airbear_, _allshallfade, and mesnica.
Please direct questions, concerns and suggestions here. Thank you.

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1) My Gold Medal: General best overall icon of the week. Pretty generic.
2) Make Me Laugh: Best funny or witty icons.
3) My Shades of Grey: Best black and white icons, or icons with a touch of color. Be sure that color is not more than the black and white, because that would defeat the purpose.
4) Color Me Mine: Best use of coloring in an icon. Keep in mind that this does not have to be bright colors, it can be dark or any use of coloring that stands out and applied well.
5) Tear My Heart Open: Best emotional icon. This can be happy or sad.
6) Capture Me: Best cropping in an icon.
7) Sweep Me Off My Feet: Best couples icon. Happy or sad couples icons. You know the deal.
8) My Writing: Best use of text in an icon. This must be readable. The text should enhance the icon in some way, in meaning and in appearance.
9) Simplify Me: Best textless or 'blank' icon. The icon should be understood without text, and have no need for it. It must simply speak for itself.
10) My Creativity: Best creative icon. This is kind of open ended. Ever feel that an icon of yours of a couple isn't just an icon of a couple, but there's way more to it? This would be that category. I'll leave it up to interpretation for now.
11)Special Category: A specialtype of icon that the mod who posts the winners chooses for the upcoming week.

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--Nominations should only be made by the icon maker themself.
--Others may join, or watch the community, and participate in voting.
--Be fair, and DO NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF. If you feel that another icon deserves to win in a category, vote for that icon, but if you feel your icon is the best, do not vote AT ALL in that category.
--DO NOT nominate icon bases made by someone else, but customized by you.
--We highly suggest that you try and put your username in the name of the icon, so it's easier to tally up the winners.

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--Nominations will be open from Monday to Friday
--Voting will begin on Friday night or Saturday morning and continue until Sunday.
--Winners will be posted LATE Sunday night; probably between 10:00-11:00pm EST
--All timing is based on American Eastern Standard Time

--Winners Archive!

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